It was about a decade ago when I first saw the video about the Mast Brothers Chocolate. I immediatey fell in love with their philosophy and message. And their packaging alone makes a lot of people very happy!

Mast Chocolate is a family owned business based in New York City. Founded by brothers Rick & Michael Mast from their Brooklyn apartment, Mast has been at the forefront of a food movement in favor of simple ingredients, sustainable sourcing, traditional processing and beautiful design. (all of which is explained on the site). Mast chocolate is made from bean to bar, in-house, preferring traditional methods. A few years ago, they changed their label from Mast Brothers to simply Mast for one important : “Our company is much more than my brother and I. The truth is, it always was.”

New York Times stated that “Mast has been on the cutting edge of the craft food movement from the start." They set out good intentions with a desirable aesthetic. “That good intention is usually based in a genuine desire to give more people consistent access to something (a flavor, a song, a new home), and ends up getting buried in, well, money. It is based in an honest effort to democratize access to good (good food, good music, good design) but can quickly mature into mass production and commoditization.”

Their signature papers wrap the chocolate using antique equipment and then labeled. While they closed their LA and London facilities to focus on a home base in Brooklyn’s navy yard. We are inspired by your vision and impressed by your commitment and collaboration!

I’m the guy that decided to sail our beans from the Dominican Republic to Brooklyn using an actual sail boat.