Les Petits Joueurs is a thriving luxury handbag brand that shakes up the familiar aesthetics of a purse into a quirky, lively, statement piece. Founded in 2013 in Florence, Italy.

Originally receiving acclaim for its one-of-a-kind colorful plastic block embellishments, the brand’s look has since evolved while still retaining its DNA by focusing on innovate materials and design concepts. LPJ’s products are 100% made in Italy, utilizing the country’s world renowned materials to create bags of impeccable quality. Working closely with Florentine craftsmen, each bag is meticulously pieced by hand.

LPJ’s eye-catching designs have inevitably been caught by worldwide press, resulting in an outpour of features in the likes of magazines such as Vogue, L’Officiel, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, and Marie Claire. As the brand’s designs have become a Fashion Week must-wear season after season, the products have also become a favorite amongst celebrities, bloggers, and street style stars.


Les Petits Joueurs is a French euphemism that describes a person who does not take risks. The brand’s name acts as a perfect juxtaposition to its actual DNA; one that is aspiring and venturous in the way it thinks about accessories.