Ladies & Gentlemen Studio is a design studio operating between Seattle and Brooklyn and established in 2010 by partners Dylan Davis and Jean Lee. L&G Studio focuses on the aspect of exploration and playfulness. Their aesthetic is derived from a love for materials and the larger concepts of valuability, the subjective and the objective. They blend their resourceful curiosity with the desire to find unexpected pairings of material and function. The results possess a refined sensibility that range from jewelry to home goods, lighting and furniture. Their design philosophy is about complementary opposites with an unexpected balance of warm minimalism, playful austerity, and simple sophistication.

They are best known for their linear pendant lights, the playful design studio aims to extract a "sense of wonderment" from its clientele.

Jean and Dylan show their playful and fun designs by not taking it too seriously, yet execute it with a contemporary minimalism. They share their story and process and the juggle of of personal life in and outside the studio with the say hi to magazine. You can read the interview here. “ It was a refreshingly humble and down to earth design team. A design team who uses unconventional methods for inspiration and prototyping and created functional works of art that I (and more than a few people that I know) would more or less kill to have in our homes or offices.” - say hi to_

- we felt that those sort of intimate interactions between makers & consumers (in Italy) were so much more meaningful than shopping at big-brand stores where people are so detached from the objects and don’t value it in the same way.