Dear Daughters is a photographic project accompanied by video and text. 

We met with 22 men and their daughters, all between 8 -11 years old. Through the use of a board game, we invited them to talk about feminism. The adults helped the girls understand definitions and concepts. We set imaginary scenarios in which their daughters could possibly find themselves. This thought process encouraged the fathers and daughters to reason and reflect in ways that went beyond their ordinary conversations.

The intent of this project was to encourage dialogue in and out of homes between the old and young. To intervene and educate on feminism, to strive towards progressive thinking and expose male chauvinism is the responsability of adults even in the most advanced and democratic societies. We must ensure that equal opportunities and equal rights do not run the risk of being underestimated and absorbed as tradition, culture or religion.

With the use of a household board game ⎯ which consisited of a few rules and two decks of cards that had been hand-written and illustrated by us and our 9-year-old daughter ⎯ we were able to stimulate a dialogue between fathers and daughters on themes of feminist thoughts and practice.
— Marzia Messina and Sham Hinchey