JARDINS des FLEURS is the studio of flower artist Azuma Makoto.

Japan has a famous tradition of flower art called Ikebana and so a lot of people think in a very conservative way about flowers. "I never thought about it in this way though. It is not that I wanted to overcome this but whatever I did it just happened to overcome it."  He has created installations for fashion studios such as Hermès, Dries Van Noten and Fendi. He has launched a bonsai tree into space, created a series of 'iced flowers that observed the changes, launched flowers and plants into the stratosphere and the ocean while documenting the journey.  He creates large installation of flowers in musuems creating a discourse around life, experience and decay. Experience his projects by visiting his site below to see pine trees in the snow and the dessert, jars with petals and orchids and 'burning flowers'. 

"A flower’s life cycle is so short,” the artist says. “It is even more precious and heavy than a human being’s."

The beauty of flowers comes with changing the context.
— https://www.freundevonfreunden.com/workplaces/azuma-makoto/